What We Do

We carry out activities, which are essentially social in character:


We give parental support to orphans, poor and needy children in a warm home environment. The children of the village are brought up together with the natural
children of foster parents to enable them life a normal life. The foster parents are married couples who have not more than three children of their own, to ensure
that the orphans are given the needed attention and support.



Convinced that education is a vital tool in moulding the child in a holistic fashion, the village has created facilities to meet the educational and training needs of the children. Enrolment age can be from three years and the age of resettlement is between 21 and 25 years. Depending on their ages they attend Kindergarten, Primary School, J.S.S and S.S.S, which are outside the village.

A God-Parent's sponsorship-programme has been developed for all the children making it possible for them to attend the private "Adventist Preperatory School".The older children are able to further their studies at university, or attend the vocational /Senior High School at the village depending on their area of interest. Currently children are distributed in the following different educational branches : (Status Oct. 2011)
Lower Primary School 18
Upper Primary School 10
Junior High School 12
Senior High School 5
Technical School 0
Vocational School 0



Medical Supply:
Being healthy is very important for a good personal and physical development. Because of the hospital the children and others can get direct medical help in case of sickness.