The parent organisation has provided five houses. Foster couples occupy four of the houses with normally 12 - 16 children including their own. Each house has also two house helps. Every family has their own small farming area to supplement their feeding needs. There are currently 65 children in the village aged between 6 and 23 years; 33 girls and 32 boys. At present, a total of 65 people are living in the children's village. Besides the foster parents there are also other workers. The village has a Management Council headed by a Executive Director, Supervisor, Public Relation Officer, Administrative Secretary, Coordinator, Social worker for all projects and accountants who take care of the finances. The village also gets help from volunteers.

The village has essential facilities like electricity and portable water. The water is drawn 100 feet deep from the ground by a water pumping machine, so the village has running water for 24 hours a day. Also the village has three buses, one ambulance for the hospital and two buses for the village.

When the children finish their schooling or complete learning a trade, the village takes care of their resettlement. The project resettles the children at appropriate times, each gets a room of his/her own outside the village and after a while, they can earn their own money. After two years, the village stops supporting them financially. This process of resettlement takes time and money.

Children's free time:
Library lesson

In the library lesson, which takes place regularly, the children are offered help with their homework or assignments. They also have the opportunity to have an adult volunteer spend one-on-one time with them to offer help with any weaknesses. Reading comprehension and writing skills are especially emphasized.

Library time also offers the children time to be creative and to have fun with crafts and games. The game "Bingo" is a particular favourite.

 library lessons

Computer lesson

Once a week the older children get the opportunity have one computer supervised computer lessons, with an emphasis on improving writing and typing skills. They start with learning to use the mouse, then other basic computer skills. This lesson is a highlight in the week of the children as they can monitor their own progress with typing and basic word processing.

 computer lesson


 The playground allows the children an area to come after school and on weekends. They have a football field, a climbing frame, a swing, cubby-house, merry-go-round and most recently a soccer-target wall.