Life Story

Life story of some children from the orphanage


Seven-year-old Michael is the first inmate to be sent to us from the court.

His mother left the family when he was two years old. His father, a taxi driver, locked him in a room when he was working during the day. He kept himsedated with the use of sleeping-tablets.

An aunt, who discovered the plight of Michael, took the little boy to take care of him. But Michael's life became even worse. He was made to live, eat and wash himself in a toilet facility.

He was given different chores to do-washing clothes, bring trash to the dump and was denied every chance to go to school. Furthermore he was beaten and mistreated as a result he is now blind in his left eye. On the 10th June, 1999 he was found by two women from the Department of Social Welfare. The case went to court and the court decided that it was better for Michael to be taken care by the Westphalian Children's Village.

Since then, Michael has made much progress and has developed into a lively, kind boy. At the Village, Michael is very popular. He is a bright , hardworking boy and this has reflected positively in his school work. He wants to become a lawyer.

 michael Asiedu
Name: Michael Asiedu
Date of Birth: 11. July 1992


Kofi Ata (Date of Birth: 10/1/79)
Kwabena Ata (Date of Birth: 06/1/82)
Abenaa Ataa (Date of Birth: 06/1/82)
Akua Ataa (Date of Birth: 03/4/84)
Kwaku Ata (Date of Birth: 03/4/84)


Kofi, Kwabena, Abenaa, Akua and Kwaku are from the same family. Kwabena & Abena and also Akua & Kwaku are twins. They come from a family of ten children. Their father left the family when they were very young and consequently their mother was forced to beg for food in the streets of Kumasi. A sympathetic citizen brought all ten children and their mother to the Department of Social Welfare in Kumasi.

Their mother was not able to maintain all the children or pay for their education. As a result five of them were brought to live in the Westphalian Children's Village.

After their successful graduation from school, the five were educated and employed in the following fields:

Kofi Ata Teacher
Kwabena Ata Mason
Abenaa Ataa Secretary
Akua Ataa Seamstress
Kwaku Ata Tailor

They have all left the children's village and are living their own independent lives. They periodically receive support from the social worker from the children's village to aid them in their financial and emotional independence.