The Westphalian Children's Village is a non-governmental, non-profit making institution based at Oyoko in the Ashanti Region, Ghana.

It was established in December 1984 by the International Union of Westphalian Children's Villages, a registered German Philanthropic Organisation (IUWV). In the last twenty-one years different departments of the Westphalian Children's Villages were established like the orphanage consisting of five houses, a hospital with specialty in eye-clinic, the vocational school, different workshops, the Internet Café and a church.

Not all the departments are finished yet especially the church, because they need a lot of financial support.

What We Do

We carry out activities, which are essentially social in character:


We give parental support to orphans, poor and needy children in a warm home environment. The children of the village are brought up together with the natural children of foster parents to enable them life a normal life.

The foster parents are married couples who have not more than three children of their own, to ensure that the orphans are given the needed attention and support.